My Body’s Breath

Your very being is my body’s breath
Across the hall I feel your gentle love
It’s been near score of years for us, my heart
Just five plus two since I did beg your hand
But seven short years was when we made our hearth
A fair bright treasure that I’ve had to hold

It was a slight courtship, but none said hold
When we did at the altar, baited breath
did wait to hear those who would have our hearth
not joined together in our endless love
No man stood up, no person raised their hand
For they did see true love was in our hearts

When first I knew you, I ignored my heart
For you were not my jewel to have and hold
You had another gifted with your hand
I had to pause and catch another breath
I was not sure that you were mine to love
I feared that I would never have a hearth

I was alone, afire on this hearth
Unable to uphold my burning heart
I knew that you could be my only love
My fortune not to take but also hold
But you increased my fire with your breath
And further kindled passion with your hand

I could have held both yours and other’s hands
I could have shared my home and shared my hearth
But life without you would be without breath
And divided, I could never keep your heart
I would not then be worthy of your hold
Deserving I should not be of your love

So you and you alone will have my love
And strike for you will surely be my hand
Zeal’s vassal, my fealty you hold
And I will never lose my ardent hearth
A growing pearl, I hand to you my heart
Our love lives on amid the gathering breath.

Your love is like a living, fervent breath,
Our hands together, ever, in our hearth,
Our hearts will each the other ever hold.


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