My Soul

by Noelle la Chauciere and
Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple

Great the gift you gave to me
In this, the shining golden crown…
But greater still the gift of that
in me what you have found,
Strength and courage there to lead
They all have in me come to sound,
This when bards do speak of me
Will be your great reknown.

In my heart, and my soul,
You will always be there, sweet, my love,
What you have given me,
A debt I never can repay…
At your side, I will stand,
Through the trials and the laughter, love,
I am with you as our
Tomorrows leap into today.

The day you won the crown for me
So long ago and far away
Just dresses three, a circlet
and your house to call my own
I had so much to learn, my love
and you so much to teach me then
And then we felt the weight of crowns
As we sat on the throne.

In my heart, and my soul,
and the grace of inspiration, love
Amor vincit omnia
for our love does conquer all!
Roses sweet, stags of strength
Molding dragon through a Rite of Passage,
we led together for our people,
MidRealm standing tall.

Though I grew so weary, love,
Your faith in me did keep me strong
From Crown to Wedding and to War
The seasons ran so sure
Marching with the army, singing,
In the woods and on the fields
Music for my king and lord
the joy of love so pure

In our hearts and our souls
We will always be there singing, love
I dream of celebration,
And a gracious victory,
As we set thrones aside
I will be forever with you, love
Our journey calls us onward
and our love will ever be.

© 2014 Molly Gallogly Miller and Drew Nicholson


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