Highwayman’s Burden

lyrics and melody by Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple
© 1994 Drew Nicholson

Now I buckle on my swordbelt and prepare myself for fighting
Soon there will be blood upon my blade; but I don’t hunger for the kill,
I just want to live until a day when I can sing and dance and play. . .
And ‘til then I fight in other’s pay for causes I care not.

In my other lives I’ve been a smith, a brewer and a merchant
But every time I get a breath of peace, they come knock on my door
And then to pay my debts I must go kill and maim and hurt for them
Will I never get away, oh Gods, I hate myself and them.

So I soon will go across the ocean to a land of quiet
Where I can live in happiness and raise some sheep upon a farm
All I need is some more gold my friend, so give it here and quickly then,
I’ll be off this highway robber’s bend, or else I will be shot.


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