Hail, Elashava

Hail, Elashava, beloved of Northshield, a lute and cooking spoon you wield.
Dancer, cook, writer of tales, when you were princess love prevailed.
Your laughter makes the sun rise fair, the water clear, and fresh the air.
A Princess fine with Raito reigned, and much the Kingdom to be gained.
We know your service unsurpassed to MidRealm and Northshield, Kingdom at last,
A patron of the bardic arts, you give us humor sweet and tart.
Your service an example prime, it stands above us for all time.
And so on this day of our reign, Anno Societatis XXXIX,
In October, on the sixteenth day, please hear our words we do you pray.
In our Shire of Silfren Mere, all have come to see you here,
(as well as crowned queen and king), a day that of the bards shall sing.
By our hand and by our seal we find that you are one ideal,
We know that you have done your part, and therefore grant you Dragons Heart.
So shout you Northshield! Ring the bell! Our hearts are with you, We do tell,
A Dragons Heart for one you know, This day whereon the Gryphon shows.
For Elashava have good cheer. In Our Heart, the Dragon holds her dear.

This was written as a scroll text for Viscountess Elashava’s Dragon’s Heart.



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