Bury Me at Pennsic

My boots are full of rain and mud, I got duct tape on my chin…
But I gotta get to Resurrection Point, so I can live again.
As we walk onto the battlefield, you can hear the people cheer,
Hey buddy, why don’t we blow this joint and go get us a beer.

Bury me at Pennsic, for that is where I’ll die,
I always dream of Cooper’s Lake… where the dragons fly!
I don’t need no funeral parlor, you can dump me in my armor
When you bury me at Pennsic, for that is where I’ll die.


Pennsic days are burning hot, most nights are freezing cold
And every morning I get up and wash off all the mold
I need a heighlan’ woman who will help me with my sin
‘Cause I sold my sole to the Devil — if the MidRealm would only win!


My lady she likes shopping at all the merchants there…
By the time that she gets done, my money pouch is bare!
When the war is over, we all make our own way home —
That’s when I go down to the bank, and get me an equity loan.


They’re calling us to fight now, so I gotta go.
We’ve got to have the Bridge Battle, becuase it just might snow…
I got rust in my chain mail and my padding is mildewed,
And I got tears in my helmet — from crying over you

Home, home on the range…
Where the griffin and manticore play
And seldom is heard, even a bird,
‘Cause the dragon’s been eating all day!


© 1995 Drew Nicholson


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