As It Should Have Been

King leads us to victory, Queen gracious at his side,
All of us who fought for them, we would not be denied!
Marching onward in their name, our blades and armor bright,
Marching onward with the storm, in the fire’s light.

Say farewell now unto the past, embrace it one more time;
Look around you in the moment, see all those who shine;
Farewell unto the past my friends, embrace it once again,
Living life not as it was, but as it should have been…

Champion of roses stands behind his queen, a task
Given by the king, he knows he will do what he’s asked
To never let a harm befall her, is his only trust
For the gift of one sweet smile, he will to all he must


Champion of swords stands brave, next to his liege and lord
He wears his honor on his sleeve, the dragon’s faith restored
Beside his King he wades into the fray of battle’s throng
With his sword and shield he fights, the dragon’s right arm, strong.


Captain of the Guard there stands, with troops all battleworn.
Weary yes, but know we are to dragon victory born!
Now we stand before the world, our heads and banners high,
And triumphant, Dragon wheels up in a cloudless sky!


Here I am, a humble bard, to speak the dragon’s praise,
and I say, through passing years, we will sing of these days
When stag and cross of gold did stand with dragon up above
And led us on to victory with honor, grace and love!


© 2014 Drew Nicholson


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