A Poem for Dame Eleanor

On the Occasion of her Elevation to Pelican

Back in the days of Asgeirr, in the lands of Calontir,
Two maidens rode to Axed Root, for lodgings they’d find there.

The map they had was faulty, and they soon had lost their way,
For help they beseeched passersby, weary of the day.

One lord did come unto their aid, Lord Angus was that man,
And when the horse, exhausted, died, he offered them his hand.

He took them to their lodgings then, he looked after their things,
And in the morning, when they awoke, a new horse he did bring.

That man became a MidRealm knight, one maid this lady here.
Sir Angus Ulrich was that lord, in his honor, the Saltire.

Though this lady traveled far and wide across the whole known world,
She always kept that aid in mind, with a motto on banner unfurled.

From Tirenwydd to Calontir, Calontir to Ravenslake,
Then to Northshield where she’s made a home, that ethic she did take.

Purple fret from Good King Ronin, as Oaken Regional Chirugeon,
Apprentice to sweet Master Dougal, may his light shine ever on.

Calontiri Kingdom Chirugeon, service marked with a Torse,
Service rendered in the memory of Lord Angus and that horse.

Through the birth of her son Patrick, then she came to know desire,
To be closer to her family, to be closer to hearth fire.

Ravenslake a friendly beacon, brought them home to Dragon’s Den.
Peace and happiness brought Susan, the little daughter she had then.

On to Northshield she did travel, with her family in tow,
Became Acting Chirugeon General, when the twin towers were laid low.

Chirugeon for the Northshield also, this lady did complete her part
For which Tarrach and his Fina rewarded her with Dragon’s Heart.

Through all these trials and joyful days, the aid that Lord Angus had done
Helped her to remember always: temper work with happy fun.

So now a Pelican will be made, of this lady, Eleanor,
Her ready smile and her service, these are what it’s given for.

The Northshield is now on its journey, towards independence soon,
The Compass Rose will shine so brightly, under sun, and under moon.

And dear Eleanor will shine on, bright, too, in the light and in the dark,
As she follows the motto Angus bred: ‘Ars Utilis” – Honest Work.


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