A Paper Muse

My fellow children of the Dragon,
Many months ago, when His Majesty Nikolai won Crown Tournament and made His lady Serena Princess, He approached me, and said “Andrew, I remember when you sang Katja’s Call all those years ago. When I heard that song, I said to myself, ‘Nikolai, if ever win crown, I want someone to write a song like that for Serena.”
As Their Coronation approached, I met secretly with His then Highness multiple times, as He told me about the wonderful Mistress Serena that He had so willingly shared with us, as a Kingdom, as our Princess and then Queen. The song was written and re-written, edited and reviewed, and finally, at KWAR, “Serena’s Song” was performed.
As I’m sure all of you know, Her Majesty has become an enthusiastic Rapier Combatant, and so as the chorus exhorted the populace to “Stand With Serena”… people actually stood up.
The song was completed, my task as charged by the King complete, and I had handed it off to Sergeant Honor, Dragonsbard.
And then, one day, I received a message from Her Majesty.
My friends, She told me a wondrous tale of a man who was on the edge of giving up, but was inspired by love and passion to try one more time. She asked me if I could write another song, a song about His efforts to overcome obstacles and achieve His goal of uplifting Her before all comers.
And then the last thing She said to me was “do you think we can make the King cry?”
Your Majesty Nikolai… turnabout is fair play.

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